5 Amazing iPad Apps For Business

On April 30 2010, Apple released iPad with WiFi and 3G technology. Almost a month after the release of the WiFi version only. This new iPad bundled with $829, higher than the WiFi connection which is only $629.  Since it launched, already 450,000 unit have been sold to the market. If you one of them, here i will tell you 5 amazing iPad apps for your business, so you can use your iPad to help your business life.

Here the 5 Amazing iPad Apps For Business:
1. Box.net
Box.net is a cloud storage to keep your file document saved on Box.net account.  It’s a free service.  You can work with your file and after finish you can save it and update your file online on Box.net.

2. Evernote
Evernote is a service that lets you clip audio, video, text, images, whatever you can think of and save it to a central web repository. You can assign documents or files with tags for easy collections and organization. This one is also free, but you can upgrade to premium member to get more space and services.

3. GoodReader for iPad ($0.99)
Since iPad doesn’t have built-in PDF reader, you can use GoodReader to open PDF files. But not just that, what is good from GoodReader are beside of open PDF file, it also can open Word, Excel, TXT, JPEG file and it can connect to your Google Doc Account.

4. Things For iPad ($19.99)
Things is a very handy and easy to use Task Manager on iPad. You can create to-do list and managing task and projects easily. And of course you can synchronize with Things on Mac too.

5. iWork For iPad ($9.99)
With iWork you can create new documents or open up existing document types (if they aren’t native iWork files you will have to convert them – this can take a few moments depending on file size). iWork is developed by Apple, so no doubt for it in productivity use.

If you have another idea of apps that may useful to use, please leave it in comment box below. Thanks.


  1. Well iWork is developed by Apple, so I think no doubt for it in productivity use.

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