10 Apps You Should Have On Blackberry

If you are Blackberry users and looking for some cool applications for your Blackberry phone. Then you come to the right place. Because i am going to share the 10 application you should have on your Blackberry phone.

1. Facebook
The application lets you update your own status and view your friends’ posts, as well as upload and tag photos right from your phone. We also like the improved photo viewing experience from within the app. Facebook even leverages BlackBerry push technology, so you get messages and updates in real time. Our favorite feature is the calendar integration; the application reminds you of every Facebook event and of your friends’ birthdays.
Price:$ Free

2. Gmail Client
Gmail client is the next most useful and must-have Google app for your BlackBerry. This app gives you almost the same functionality as the Web-based Gmail by giving you access to your contact list, sent and archived mail as well as the labels functionality.
Price:$ Free

3. Google Latitude
Latitude allows a mobile phone user to allow certain other people on his or her Gmail contact list to track where he or she is. These people can track the user (or more accurately, his or her phone) on Google Maps via their own iGoogle accounts. The user can control the accuracy and details of what each of the other users can see — an exact location can be allowed, or it can be limited to identifying the city only.
Price:$ Free

4. Google Mobile
Helps you to get the whole Google experience right on your BlackBerry mobile. It has Gmail, Google Maps and Google Sync plus links to Google’s mobile-optimized Web services such as Web search, Google Reader, Google Docs and Picasa.
Price:$ Free

5. Google Talk
You also need to communicate with your non-BlackBerry using friends. This app sports an interface similar to the BlackBerry Messenger and is as robust as other paid IM client for the BlackBerry.
Price:$ Free

6. BBNotePad
BBNotePad is a free text file editor/creator application for BlackBerry. It simply lets you save, edit, & create text files on your BlackBerry SD card or memory. The developer also added some more functionality in this release.
Price:$ Free

7. TwitterBerry
Twitter addicts know that a key purpose of the service is to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues on the go. While you can do that with SMS messages or Twitter’s WAP page, TwitterBerry is a far better way. The app aggregates status updates and offers simple, one-click delivery of your all-important 140-character missives—perfect for that inspired existential insight that pops into your head while you’re waiting in line at the bank.
Price:$ Free

8. Pandora for BlackBerry
Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your BlackBerry. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.
Price:$ Free

9. ShoZu
ShoZu makes sending your BlackBerry pictures to your favorite social networking sites—including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, and YouTube—easy. Once you’ve installed the application and chosen your destinations, each time you take a picture or record video, you’ll be able to upload that media to them. We like that on a Symbian S60 ShoZu automatically asks to upload a new photo to your site of choice; on a BlackBerry, however, you have select which social networking sites to use for each upload. You can also use ShoZu for BlackBerry to add descriptions and titles to your photos before uploading them, but we weren’t able to read comments on the photos or geotag them from our BlackBerry—two features we were able to use on the S60 version and we hope will be added before ShoZu leaves beta.
Price:$ Free

10. Mobipocket Reader
Given the fact that BlackBerry devices are not the best for eBook reading, this app fully utilizes the devices display to bring you a decent reading experience. And since it supports the .mobi format, you are assured that you’ll have plenty of eBook titles to chose from and download on your BlackBerry devices. You can also convert PDFs or Word files on your PC and transfer them to your BlackBerry device.
Price:$ Free


  1. Webmaster says:

    My favourite app on my blackberry, at the moment, is Yahoo Go! It works great on the Perl and lets you add widgets to do even more

  2. bbaby says:

    do all these apps require an active data plan? are there any that will work over wifi?

  3. dictionary is a must have man.. anyway thanx!

  4. dictionary is a must have man.. anyway thanx!

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