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  1. blaah says:

    yeah this is cool, but it will open in new window it's like using two browser.

    • Me like Multifox! ;O) says:

      Not really, cos alot of apps/toolbars can't be used on other browsers. So you can enjoy all the add-ons from the one browser..
      Tyvm Ivan, this is fantastic..

  2. srinath sharma says:

    no need to use plugin just disable cookies and open different tabs such that the cookie will not transfer data from one tab to another or else just use this link specified below
    and login -> this will be your first account
    then just click the link i.e, edit next to the multiple login
    your email id will be displayed on the right top corner with a downward arrow so that you can login to different accounts in the same web browser and switch between them very easily
    for any help in web tech just drop me a mail

  3. jons kin says:

    im using multifox now, but i want to open it as new tab and not new window, how do i do it?thanks

  4. Rsnlyu559 says:

    how to login into gmail when they were blocked by company

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