Zen Cart v1.3.9c Released

Zen Cart is a free online store management system under the GNU General Public License. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Also Support is provided for several languages and currencies. Zen Cart is derived from osCommerce as a separate project. The major differences between the two systems come from Zen Cart’s architectural changes (e.g. a template system) and additional included features in the core.

Zen Cart latest stable release is version 1.3.9c has been released since 18 May 2010. With the new improvement since the last one (v.1.3.8). The new major improvements of v1.3.9c:
* PHP 5.3.x compatibility
* PCI scan improvements to prevent commonly-reported false-positives
* SSL-detection improvements
* Session Handling improvements for shared-SSL configurations to deal with IE-specific quirks
* Session-Handler improvements: closing when done, removed redundant start, etc
* Search improvements
* Hack-attempt detection improvements
* Add .htaccess for /images/ folder, and security updates to many others as well
* Canonical URL support added for product pages and product listings. See /includes/init_includes/init_canonical.php
* Developer Toolkit Improvements (smarter searches, case-sensitive options, etc)
* USPS module updated to RateV3 API and includes all updates posted to April 2010
* PayPal UK – 3D-Secure support added
* PayPal micropayments support added
* Added CURL processing for PayPal IPN handling in case fsockopen() is disabled or failing
* Various updates to PayPal, Linkpoint (now renamed to FirstData) and Authnet Payment modules
* Split tax line support integrated
* Added per-EZ-page stylesheet support
* Fix ISO country/currency errors in default SQL file (old countries removed, etc)
* Fixes/updates/additions of various notifier calls
* MySQL 6-alpha preliminary compatibility
* Updates to spiders.txt file for stronger efficiency and more up-to-date data
* Improvements to configure.php file read-only detection (automatically sets to read-only if found writable, and permissions allow it)
* Various performance improvements, including freeing up wasted memory to make things run more lean
* PHP error logging automatically enabled by default, since errors are not displayed to the browser (for security reasons) (Log cleanup can be done from admin side via Store Manager)
* Turn off autocomplete on cc-number fields so browsers don’t store/retrieve that information
* Spam slamming via tell-a-friend is now throttled
* Admin-login-slamming protection – added delays to prevent brute-force password attacks
* Improved efficiencies in credit card identification algorithms
* Fixes to search functionality related to use of double quotes
* Fix problems with Free Shipping
* Add an override to work around an email problem with using port 587 on servers not capable of actually using SSL when sending email
* Express Checkout updates several things, including invoice numbering problems, better handling of customer-selected shipping address names, UI improvements, and more
* Attributes-Controller: prevent division-by-zero errors if storeowner has mistakenly set the attribs-per-page value to zero
* Fix minor array_merge error which was appearing in PHP logs during PayPal Express Checkout transactions for international addresses
* Some debug code had been left in some payment modules, causing debug-logging to occur even when logging was disabled
* Allow cookie domain and path to be overridden by user defines.
* product_info pages could trigger browser security warnings under some isolated circumstances; thus, templates are updated
* Fix intermittent problem with multiple IP addresses being submitted to Cardinal for 3d-secure processing
* Some Solo cards were being identified as Maestro, thus causing some 3d-secure problems
* Fix broken HTML-formatted email messages in “welcome” email sent when first-time customers use Express Checkout
* There are many minor bug fixes too

You cam download the latest zen cart at sourceforge.net here

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