What Cause IvanKristianto.com Down For 60 Hours

Some of you may notice that this blog have been down for a long time, roughly 60 hours. I thanks for all of you that emailed me and ask me what happen and support me through this frustrating down time. So what cause this down time? There was a security breach in my hosting provider core system, and all the data has been wiped out. All gone, without any backup and trace. And worst it’s not just me, all other hundreds of clients have the same issue with me. All the VPS has been wiped out. By who? I don’t know. For those who made it, you have done very well.

Why it took so long? Well, it is a long story, the CEO of the hosting provider didn’t answer any tickets nor any announcement has been made regarding the issue. They keeping their clients in the dark, including me. So while waiting the answer, i follow the thread in WJunction, where most of the clients buy the services from this forum. Why i should wait? Because i don’t have any backups (how stupid me >.<), my last backup was on the wiped out server as well, it’s all gone. And in my local harddrive i still got the last backup which is 3 months old.

In the frustration time, i think how can i get my backup which is impossible to get from the provider. And fortunately, Google have cached my page. Thanks Google. So i copied and pasted all the last 3 months of data from the Google cache, and i bought a new hosting server and move all my data. It took me a while to complete almost 90 articles from the last 3 months.

Anyway now my blog is back to online with recoverable data (some data maybe lost), and i’m quite happy now.

Learn of the day: Backup early, backup regularly. You don’t know how value your data is until you lost it! And always remember Shit Happen!

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