Useful Firefox Shortcut Keys

According to Wikipedia, Mozilla Firefox come second after Internet Explorer on the Web browser market share on the internet. Even Measuring browser usage in the number of requests (page hits) made by each user agent can be misleading. Me myself like Mozilla Firefox the most and i am using it a lot when i browsing the internet. And of course i remember all the frequently use Firefox shortcut keys.

And to remember it more, i would like to share it with you, like other people say, sharing is beautiful. The shortcut keys below apply for Firefox 3.5 and more, including Firefox 4:

To open new tab: Ctrl + T
To close tab: Crtrl + W
To open new window: Ctrl + N
To change tab: Ctrl + Tab (forward) or Ctrl + Shift + Tab (backward)
To restore last closed Tab: Ctrl + Shift + T
To restore last closed Window: Ctrl + Shift + N
To open link in new tab: Ctrl + left click
To hard refresh (do this to clear the cache when refresh): Ctrl + Shift + R
To open page source: Ctrl + U
To zoom page: Ctrl + +/-/0 (plus sign: zoom in, minus sign: zoom out, 0: zoom reset)
To find words in page: Ctrl + F
To Open History: Ctrl + H
To Complete .com Address: Ctrl + Enter
To Complete .net Address: Shift + Enter
To Complete .org Address: Ctrl + Shift + Enter

That’s i frequently use Firefox shortcut keys. If i miss something feel free to add it at the comment box below. Thanks.


  1. lupino says:

    whats the shortcut to show/hide bookmarks toolbar???? on ff4 b7

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