Ubuntu Tour Project Need Your Contribution

Even Ubuntu is easy to use, there always been a hard time for Ubuntu newbie user to use Ubuntu. Usually when they migrate from Windows or Mac operating system. And of course they have many questions and confuse. They will confuse how to open a document, where the file saved, and they find that there is no C or D drive in the file explorer.

And after all that feedback, then Ubuntu tour project are born. The goal of this project is to “provide an interactive tour for users who are new to Ubuntu.”. This will provide both a simple text guide, as well as an interactive tour which would replace the need to have that familiar user to point out what different things do. And right now Ubuntu tour project need your contribution!

So what do they need? They need:

  1. Authors: Authors determine and write the content for the guide.
  2. Designers: The designers ensure the tour is appealing.
  3. Editors: Editors double-check the work of the authors for mistakes or unclear material.
  4. Programmers: The programmers write the code behind the tour. Python and GTK skill is a must.
  5. Translators: Translate the guide to your ow language.

I find out myself only suit for Translator position. So how about you?

More details:
Ubuntu Tour Project

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