Ubuntu Support Multitouch Screen

Like Mac OSX and Windows, Ubuntu also come to support multi-touch and gesture stack to the Ubuntu desktop. This multi-touch framework have the codename uTouch 1.0. Which is scheduled to be released on Ubuntu 10.10 alias Maverick Meerkat. Ubuntu 10.10 will have an end-to-end touch-screen framework — from the kernel all the way through to applications.

As the founder of Canonicla, a company that support Ubuntu development, Mark Shuttleworth said on his blog: “Every single major PC manufacturer has been asking for a touch story on Linux. This has been one of the major missing points for Linux in the PC ecosystem”.  Adding multitouch isn’t easy, particularly in the open-source world of Linux where many independent organizations and programmers are involved. Canonical programmers assembled multitouch work from different layers of Linux software, wrote gesture recognition support tools, and added an interface to make it easier for programmers to add multitouch support.

Canonical also create an open source gesture recognition engine and defined a gesture API that provides a means for applications to obtain and use gesture events from the uTouch gesture engine.


This will make Ubuntu as the first Linux that support Multi touch and gesture.

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