Ubuntu 10.04 Codename Lucid Lynx Release April 29th 2010

Ubuntu will release the next version 10.04 with codename Lucid Lynx. This new version will based on Linux kernel 2.6.32. There a re lots of improvement in this new version specially for graphics card driver. Lots of Ubuntu user have a problem with the intel graphics and nvidia graphics card. It will need special patch and tweak to make it properly functional. This new version will give lot of improvements for nvidia graphic card and it will use Nouveau as the default graphic card for nvidia.

This version of Ubuntu using the latest GNome desktop that is Gnome version 2.30. There are a lot of bug fixed and new user experience with this version of Gnome. But this version of Gnome already remove Pidgin as default Internet Messenger, and it will use Empathy Instant Messenger instead. But for me personally i prefer Pidgin instead of Empathy. Anyway you can still install it later. For the new features of the latest Gnome you can see it here.

Other than that, this release of Ubuntu will remove HAL from the boot process which make boot time will reduce or faster. Ubuntu Lucid Lynx also include new boot experience, new indicators, and new themes for the better user experiences.

This version of Ubuntu will officially released on 29th April 2010. But before that you can download the Beta 2 release now just for testing purpose here. So what are you waiting for?


  1. I think it will need special patch and tweak to make it properly functional.

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