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From the last post i show how to install Squid Cache as intercept (transparent) proxy. So i expect your squid already running smoothly right now. Ok now i want to share how to see the squid log. Usually by default squid log is in /var/log/squid/access.log, and you can see the log by open the file.

But the next question is, how to see your squid log continuosly, if you want to monitor your squid? I believe there are tons of program to this, but i prefer see it on shell because it really simple and less resource consumptions. How to do that?

How to use Continuis SquidLog

  1. 1. Download this file
  2. Open your shell and give chmod +x to that file
  3. Run that file
  4. You will see the squid log continuosly

Here is the screeen capture:

Squid Log Screenshot

ps: Click the picture to enlarge
pss: If you squid log is not in /var/log/squid/access.log, you need to update the file.

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  1. Munir_hayat says:

    Sometime my squid access.log file becomes stop and after that squid is not prompting for user authentication untill i restart my server.
    I have also check squid service but it is running……

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