The New Ubuntu Font: ubuntu-private-nda-fonts or "UbuntuBeta"

Since July 7th 2010, Canonical released the new Ubuntu font for beta testing. This new Ubuntu fonts is named “UbuntuBeta” and the package name is ubuntu-private-nda-fonts. This font is likely to be released as default font on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat around October this year.

The Ubuntu font (family) is open-type ttf based font format and fully unicode compliant. It contains Latin A and B extended character sets, Greek Polytonic and Cyrillic extended. The font has been hinted for superior screen display. Its spacing and kerning is optimised for body copy sizes.

To help Canonical with this fonts, all of you are encouraged to test the font on screen and print, on different platforms and in different applications. You can try this handy tools paste in your own text, so if you find a problem you can highlight the exact use of the font and submit your feedback right from the form. It’s connected to Launchpad so you can log in with your existing credentials.

Canonical’s new Ubuntu font will ensure that Ubuntu users have great typography out of the box without having to install an alternate default font. The current version that is available through the beta is still incomplete. The bold weight is still being designed and isn’t available yet. When the font is complete and ready for widespread use, Canonical intends to distribute it under an open license so that it can be modified and redistributed.

Get more detail information at Ubuntu Canonical.

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