Solve Missing Library Error in Ubuntu

This article i want to share and also remind myself in the future on how to solve missing library error in Ubuntu. There was a time when i tried to compile some package library on Ubuntu.

When i tried to compiled it i got a strange error “zlib.h : No such file or directory.”, this is strange error that I never encountered before.

After Googling a while I got the solution as follows:

Search zlib.h file in and you will get some results.

Ubuntu – Package Contents Search Results -- zlib h

Then i choose the library zlib1g-dev. Now what I have to is just install it

$ sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev

And everything is working like a charm.

Once again this is just a note to myself. But if you found this article useful and have any feedback, you are welcome to comment.


  1. Sean RB says:

    hey, can you help me how to simply make dualboot ubuntu and windows? that many tutorial on internet, but i’m really confused how to start it from.

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