Solve 404 Error When Activating Plugin In WordPress

Today i found a weird issue when trying to activate a WordPress plugin. I always redirected to 404 Error Page (Not Found). This is the first time i met this error. In most case it is crash problem or PHP Fatal error, which is easily to fix. I tried to debug the Apache error log, Nginx error log and MySQL log. There were no error related to the issue.

After doing debug for hours, i finally found the issue. It was a very slow query which is lead to exceed PHP max execution time. There are 3 queries to the database which is alter the wp_posts that take more than 100 seconds to finished. I found this when i activated mysql slow query log. So to fix the issue, i comment that 3 lines and manually update the database table from PHPMyAdmin. Then i try to activate the plugins.

Now the plugin work perfectly. So if you having the similar issue, please check that plugin’s code at wp_activation_hook function. And find if there is a code or database query that will take forever to finished. Hope my experience could help you all.


  1. Scarletbluestocking says:

    Hi Ivan.

    I have encountered the same 404 error on my newly installed WordPress site. My web host uses an Nginx + PHP-FPM server. Because I am new to web development, I asked my web host to fix the issue for me, which he did swiftly.

    It is my intuition that led me to choose Nginx over the tried and tested Apache. I thought it would be better to learn WordPress design using Nginx because it is faster, and lighter.

    My dilemma at the moment is that, I want to learn, Php, CSS, and Ajax using Dreamweaver CS5 for my WordPress site. There are available resources to do this using WAMP and XAMPP, but I searched to no avail for a similar WEMP ( Windows, Nginx, Mysql, Php) that is encouraging enough to set-up for a newbie like me.

    Please help me figure out a possible game plan for my dream website. I want to dive in to content (which I can do far more better), but I want to secure my site infrastructure first.

    It has been a long and tedious day, and some blogs I asked for help either completely ignored me or deleted my query. Geeks could be busy snobs sometimes.

    Thanks and more power.

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