Snippet Code To Benchmark Your PHP Script

Testing is one of common task for programmer. In every development phase, testing is need to be done before moving to next phase. There are a lot of testing technique. One of them is benchmarking, to test script/code performance. Benchmark test result can be used to optimize the code/script.

As in PHP you can get how long your server took to parse and execute your code. Here is the simple snippet code to get the execution time:

$start = microtime(true);
// Script you want to test here
usleep(200000);  // sleep 2 seconds
$end = microtime(true);
$r = round($end - $start,4);
echo '<strong>Execution Time</strong>: '.$r.' seconds<br />';

This simple code will help you discover bottlenecks in your script – there are a load of things you can do to optimize your code/script; and I find that using functions as above don’t add extra load to your script.

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