Shareaholic Firefox Addon: Share Your Link To 100+ Web 2.0

Nowadays there are many web 2.0 websites, websites that allow you to share information and bookmark your page so the your friend or others can get your information. Wise man said sharing is beautiful. But to share and bookmark your page or article is time consuming. You need a tools to help you to do it. I stumbled to a Firefox addons and feel that this is a great tool to do it. It is called Shareaholic.

Shareaholic is a firefox addon that allow you to share your article (in this case your link to your article) to more than 100 web 2.0 on the net. Me myself doesn’t have 100+ web 2.0 account. But sometimes i feel that it is time consuming to bookmark my page to stumble, twitter and facebook after i write an article or found an intersting article and worthy to share to my friends.

Shareaholic screenshot

So what makes Shareaholic is a good addon? See the reasons below:

  1. Save time and enhance your productivity!
  2. Optimized to load instantly without slowing down Firefox
  3. Keeps your bookmark bar nice & tidy
  4. 1-click access to your favorite URL Shorteners (,, etc)
  6. Award winning; Recommended by Mozilla — the creators of Firefox
  7. 100% secure
  8. Free from adware, spyware, or malware
  9. Also available for other browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera

Download and Install Shareaholic on you Firefox
Download and Install Shareaholic on other browsers

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