Rescue System With Linux SystemRescueCd

From my last post about how to rescue your system with Hirens BootCD. It’s specially to recover Windows system. Even it can restore your harddrive but it cannot restore your linux system.

If you are using linux and your system crashed, you can use SytemRescueCD. It’s small linux with many recovery tools provided. And of course it is free. You can visit their official website here.

Not like Hiren’s BootCD, SystemRescueCD is only 200MB, you can make it boot it from a flashdrive with UnetBootin. I will release it the tutorial how to make SystemRescueCD boot from flashdrive.

You can download SystemRescueCD from this link:
SystemRescueCD Download

So can SystemRescueCD recover my files from Windows system? of course it can, it can also recovery your partition. But it need time to learn all the recovery tools, but if you are a *nix user, i’m sure you won’t have a problem using Linux SystemRescueCD.

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