PHP Script To Test Send Email

Sometimes sending email could be pain in the ass for some server. Especially if it is a share hosting that has blacklisted IP, and all the emails it send either go to spam box or doesn’t deliver at all. As one of my services, is deploy a web application and most of the time sending email from my staging server is completely fine, but not in the client hosting server.

So because i’m checking it over and over, in my free time i create a simple script to send email from the server. If you are interest please see it on my Github page and if you have any idea or feedback please let me know. Please see the repository here: PHP Mail Tester


The installation is pretty simple, all you need is composer because i’m using PHPMailer library as dependency.

  1. Clone the repository from my Github repository here
  2. Run composer install inside that folder
  3. Edit the config.php file, i got all the sample there, all you need is just replace the value.
  4. Run it and you will see the debug information


I am very welcome for any feedback or merge request. Please let me know.

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