New Themes Again, Codename: Codemaniac v1.0

Hey there! Probably you already noticed with my new themes. Yes, i recently changed it (again!). But, this time is very different from the previous themes. Because all my previous themes was modified from free themes that i got from the internet out there. But this one, i designed it from the scratch. Yes i did the design from zero. Start from design the web page on photoshop, then export it into HTML and CSS, then export it into wordpress themes structure and code, add some default function into the themes, finalize the css and javascript, and the last but not least is optimized the page.

It took me 2 months to finish this theme. Yeah, for you that already professional web designer probably that’s a very long time. But for me, this is the first time experience in web design. Lot of reading and efforts that i came up to this design. Start from follow the tutorial from the tutsplus, reading the tutorial from wordpress website, gathering the ideas from many websites, reading tutorial for seo page optimization and lot of input from my professional web designer friends (thanks to gusdwi and leo… 🙂 )

So what make this themes good? Here some features:
1. This theme get score 92 out of 100 from google page speed performance analysis.
2. This theme load much faster than the old theme.
3. This theme is seo optimized (based on my experience and tips)
4. This theme is is only average 8KB per page. It is compressed from more than 40KB.
5. I added some basic plugin hard coded into the theme function, and of course i optimized it .

What i want to do next?
1. Make CSS sprite for some background images
2. Minify and optimize some javascript
3. Javascripts from some plugin show in every page, even the javascript is not used. So i need to make plugin for switching the javascript. If it needed, it will be output to the page, if not don’t put it in.

In fact i’m still learning, and this is my first theme. If you have suggestion please leave me any comment. I will appreciate it. Thank you for all your support.

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