Lesson Learned Why Backup Is Important

I have written some articles about how to do backup, and also realize that how important backup is. When things normally working you won’t need the backup. But when shit happen, you will need your data so badly and otherwise the business will stop. So what happen yesterday wake me up and hit me very hard on how important the backup is.

Yesterday our gateway server, it was run on Ubuntu desktop 11.04 with DHCP, DNS, Squid Cache and Router installed, the hard drive is suddenly stop working. Yes it is just slow down and then stop working. I tried to recover the hard drive, but it is too late. From all the data in our office, i have never backup this server.

So after realize the hard drive is broken, first thing i do is backup the internet to online. It took me for 2 hours to configure the other server (development server), to back up it as the gateway server (without squid cache, just dhcp and dns). And it took me another 2 hours, to fix the broken hard drive before i finally given up. And it took me 5 hours, to get the new hard drive, fresh install ubuntu server, and configure it so it work as the previous one. So the total hours spent are 9 hours, it is already 1 working day. All of this because i didn’t backup that server.

So after that experience, i sharing it to this blog, hope that you won’t experience the same issue as i had from the hard way. But now everything back to normal and i already backup the working installation to an image using CloneZilla.

Backup regularly, Backup often!

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