IvanKristianto.com Now Use CalibreFx Engine

It has been 7 months since i wrote the last article on this blog. There are many changes in my life and this blog has been abandon not because i don’t prioritize it. But I’m more focusing on building our company CalibreWorks and built this WordPress themes engine called CalibreFx. Our company built this engine so all the developer can use it to easily built WordPress themes and all its features. I will comeback later for the CalibreFx features that been used in this themes.

I called this themes Codemaniac v2.0. This theme is written and developed by me since 4 hours ago when i start blogging. Since i built the Codemaniac engine there are so many fixes, changes and patches. With those experiences, i began to initiated the CalibreFx engine to facilitate all the functional features to easily developed and integrated.

So the CalibreFx key features are:

  1. High Performance: fast and secure
  2. Built in Admin Settings
  3. SEO Ready
  4. Mobile Responsive Ready

I’m not going into details for the CalibreFx features this time, but I will let you know when the website is launched as we are currently working it to push it online in a while.

And now I’m so happy to have my blog has relaunched and I will begin to writing again and sharing my knowledge along this years. Thanks for reading this and I would like to hear any comments from all of you.

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