Is Your Browser Using the Latest Updates?

Most of the times outdated Web browser can cause problems because of incompatibility. Web technology grow fast, as now modern website will use HTML5 and CSS3 technology. And not just that, with the new AJAX technology now many web application has real time update without refresh your browser. Outdated browser may cause incompatibility issues. And as a web developer, i urge you to keep your browser uptodate.

And thanks for to give information the latest version of the major web browser (Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer). So if you are reading this article please help us the web developer to upgrade your web browser to the latest one. Especially when you are using Internet Explorer, it is a crime to use below Internet Explorer 8 or below 🙂

To check your current browser version you can go to menu About the browser, usually it is under the Help Menu. And most of the browser come with auto update, so all you need is just open the about page and check for update and update the browser to the latest version.

So have you update your browser to the latest version?

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