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Internet mesenger or chat application desktop or web based nowadays is one of popular application on the internet. You can chat, audio call, video call, share files/images with your friends on the other side of the world using internet connection. There are lot of chat application start from only for desktop, web based, and some even support cross service.

As you know some of the big player for internet messenger: Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM and Facebook. They have lot of users and i think more than half internet users around the world. Especially now it works on mobile phone, so users can chat anywhere with mobile connection.

Beside it’s for fun chat wit your friends, Internet messenger now is used for business. To provide online support, business chat with your business partner, sharing idea with other collaborator in your company even you are in one office/building, conference chat with your team which far away in real world.

So here some basic point of view of Internet messenger feature comparison:

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So what is the best? I can’t say. I am using all of them. So what is my team or client use to contact me, i’m using that service. But most of the time i’m active in both Y!M and Google talk. I don’t really need file or video sharing. And if i want to video call or conference, i open my Skype. So i don’t want to make it complicated with all overwhelming features.


  1. Silvony Chandra says:

    wow..!!! I like this article..!!! My boyfriend said that windows live messenger had a complete feature, but the internet speed become slower. what do u think??

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