Install Windows XP On Laptop Intel Pentium III Takes 6 hours

toshiba dynabookFinally i finished reinstall a laptop with Pentium III. Yes, it took me 6 hours and more to finish the installation. Just Windows XP installation only. I have to install drivers and other applications. The laptop is a very old Toshiba laptop with type dynabook ss. It still use Intel Pentium III 1,2GHz. It is very very slow 🙁

It doesn’t have internal CD Rom, so i have to use external DVD RW to read the Windows XP CD installation. And it using USB connector, and i’m sure it still use USB 1.1. It took me 2 hours to boot from CD and finish copying data, and format the harddrive.

Another 4 hours is istallation wizard from the Windows XP. And Finally it finished after a long time waiting…

This is just a story to remind me. And of course to share with you.

Feel free to leave any comment below. Thanks.


  1. jack says:

    you should buy internal cdroom. transfer data from usb very long

  2. jack says:

    you should buy internal cdroom. transfer data from usb very long

  3. zuka says:

    I install from hard disc drive a xp sp3 and instalation took for 7 houars and still not finish…i will tell u when finish…:D

  4. hehehe 🙂
    Wish you good luck then 🙂

  5. Squall0684 says:

    hi Mr. Ivan,

    How did you boot the cd of xp in external dvd rom, my laptop did not boot in cd-rom even if i configure in BIOS.

    please help


  6. Look carefully at the POST message. Press the key to boot selection.

  7. Edwardchiam says:

    sry i dint see any boot key can press

  8. It's weird, usually all motherboard have the BIOS POST message and have boot key option.
    Anyway if you can't see it, then try to press F1-F12 randomly until you got it.
    it work for me 🙂

  9. Edwardchiam says:

    yaya~~~i can chooes hdd or cd or floppy,i chooes the cd logo,but nothings happen~~still go to loading windows~~i using ext dvd-drive~what can i do now???

  10. Please check if your motherboard support boot from usb or not.
    When you choose boot from cd, was your cd inside the rom spinning or the light blinking?

  11. Edwardchiam says:

    if not support then how can i install the o/s???i saw the bios they can change to boot from cd-rom~~i change the boot and still cannot~~

  12. how about the light from the cd rom?
    is it blinking?

  13. Edwardchiam says:

    when i put the cd then his blinking only~~~and the no blink aready~~

  14. then i can assume your motherboard cannot detect your ext cd rom.
    the other way to install it, take out the hard drive and install it on the other computer.

  15. Edwardchiam says:

    i wanna to try it~~i take out the hdd~~then i saw it is a micro hdd~~so ~~~T.T

  16. hmm… that's harder now.
    i know how to install Ubuntu on flash drive / micro sd. But never tried with Windows XP.

  17. Edwardchiam says:

    What is ubuntu???izzi same like windows????

  18. edwardchiam says:

    ubuntu also cannot install~~~because cannot boot USB~~~

  19. How about install that micro sd on another computer, and later you put it back to your laptop and boot from that micro sd.

  20. joseph says:

    hello I have a problem to order bios for star my pc intel inside p III. can you help me please?

  21. James says:

    Hi. I have the same laptop sitting her but i cant get it to boot up to the cd. Can you give me boot up to cd so I can install windows xp. Thank you.

  22. Thanks for this great info, I was exactly looking for this website and finally find it.

  23. Jeieng16 says:

    Thank yo meron kasi akong laptop d2 walang internal kasi na sira na ewan ko kung paano ito ayosin d kasi mag boot young external CD room nya…
    at saka wala BIOS to boot External CD ROM
    please help me thank you so much

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