[HowTo]Remove Low Quality Content From Your Blog

As Google Farmer/Panda update a couple weeks ago, which is aim to remove the “content-farm” or low quality content website from the search results, but obviously had a major effect on tons of websites across all niches. Lot of good and high quality websites lost their traffic, instead some of the “content-farm” website have more traffic from the search engine. This blog also got the impact as well.

From the latest news from Google at SMX West, you can read it here and here, one of the summarize point: “Evaluate your web site for poor quality pages (not useful, poorly written, non-unique, or thin) and remove them“.

So instead of remove your low quality content, you can add noindex and nofollow meta tag instead, so that content won’t be indexed by the search engine. I have created a simple WordPress plugin to easily add noindex and nofollow tags in your posts and pages.

Usage instruction:

  1. Download the plugin and install it to your WordPress blog.
  2. Now you have the easy Noindex Nofollow at your post meta.
  3. Just check the option if you want your post noindexed and nofollowed.



Download Easy Noindex and Nofollow WordPress Plugin


  1. Blogsdna says:

    By any change can this plugin add option of NoIndex & NoFollow on post listing. We need to bulk add noindex to many posts thanks to Google Panda Update. (wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=post)

  2. skykid says:

     Thank you for writing this plugin I just started using it for some articles written four or five years ago.

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