[HowTo] Upload Your Plugin To WordPress Plugin Repository

What make WordPress powerful is WordPress plugin. WordPress have extendability through plugins, as you can turn WordPress to any kind of websites (ex: ecommerce), beside just a plain blog. So if you are a web developer or have web programming skill and you want to give something to WordPress community, you can make a WordPress plugin and upload to WordPress plugin repository, so the community could use your great plugin.

So how to upload your WordPress plugin to WordPress plugin repository? For the first time you need to get your self a WordPress developer account. You can register here for free. The next step is add your plugin and wait for approval. Visit the link below to add your plugin, fill the plugin title and description. The approval might take 3-7 days.

WordPress Plugin Request

If you get approved, you will get the notification in your mail box. What you have to do now is use your subversion client, i’m using TortoiseSVN for my Windows box, i find it easy to use.

From the subversion link you got from your email, now with your checkout the link with subversion client:

Now you should have three sub-folders named “Tag” “Trunk” and “Branch” in the that folder. You should put your latest plugin in “Trunk”, plugin version history in “Branch” folder and stable Tag in “Tags” folder. Now copy over your stable plugin to “Trunk” folder. Before you upload please make sure that your plugin have the standard readme file, you can use WordPress readme validator.

Now you need to commit the changes. Right-click on the plugin folder and choose SVN Commit:

Now wait until the process finished, and allow WordPress update your plugin information in 15 minutes or so. And congratulations, your plugin is now published!

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