[HowTo] Run Your Script At Background Process On Ubuntu

There are lots of script build by he Linux users and communities. And some of them are really useful. And most of the i use wget and rsync for download and backup my websites. The characteristic of Linux shell, when you close it the session of the login also closed. So if you running a script then you have internet disconnect or anything that make you disconnect from the server, the process will be stop as the session ended.

To keep running the script you need to run it at background process. To run your script at background process is really easy, you just need to add ‘&’ at the end of your command.

For example:
wget -c http://www.ivankristianto.com/something.zip &

Is that easy right?


  1. Mario Almeida says:

    True with '&' one can use to run as a bg process.
    But for wget, -b is the correct option.

  2. It doesn't work with rar, after creating 1st part, it stops if connection is closed.

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