[HowTo] Open Multiple Tabs In Firefox With One Click

I spend most of my times in front of my computer, and of course most of the time i’m online. And usually every morning i will visit my favorite websites. So every morning i will type all the website addresses to address bar. I know that Firefox have website history, so i don’t have to type all the addresses. But still i have to type.

And the other way is to save the session before i close my Firefox, but it will make the Firefox very slow to open, sometimes freezes. So this is not a solution.To keep my Firefox performance i always clean all cookies, histories, and caches every 3 days. And then i have to type all the addresses again.

But now this is not a problem anymore. I have a solution for it. I found a script to open all my websites just with one click. How to run it?

Automatically Open Website in Firefox

  1. Download the script at the end of this article
  2. Open the Firefox.bat file
  3. Change the website address with what you want. Example:
    START %BROWSER% -new-tab “your-website-address.com” change to
    START %BROWSER% -new-tab “www.ivankristianto.com”
  4. You can add more address by add this line:
    START %BROWSER% -new-tab “your-website-address.com”
  5. Save the file
  6. Open your Firefox
  7. Double click the Firefox.bat

Download The script here


  1. Bogus says:

    Hi Ivan, you put me on the right trail so thank you. I found that you can do this more easily with this: start firefox URL1 URL2 URL3

    Thanks again…

  2. Hi Bogus,
    glad to hear my article can help you.
    If you make start firefox URL1 URL2 URL3
    it is harder to manage.
    That's why i prefer one url per line.

  3. Verzio says:

    how can you open chrome and firefox with multiple tabs at the same time?

  4. Verzio says:

    I need some help here. How do I open two browsers at the same time with Chrome and Firefox? And how do you also add username and password for email? Here's the setup for my browsers:

    Multiple tabs for Chrome


    Multiple tabs for Firefox

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  5. Haven't tried with Chrome. But you can open multiple tabs with that script to firefox and flock.

    • Jat - Rhius says:

      i was trying to open multiple tabs in one click… im opening quite a few bcoz of a job im doing… and the thing is that i just need to open it once… then after reading im going to close it… one page of the site im using contains 30 links that i need to open and read before i jump to the next page… do you have any solutions on how i could do this?

      note: i only open a page once… so i dont go back for it…

      problem: i need to open many links in one go…

      thnx ivan… hope on hearing from you…

  6. I'm afraid you cannot. since they are using post method. But i suggest you to install roboform so you can login with one click.

  7. Mikes says:

    Hi! Is there any way that a .bat file can make an instant log-in with a click with username and password. Just like Facebook or any webmail.

  8. None says:

    Have you tried to add your favorite pages as bookmarks in a drawer. Then you can just right click that drawer and choose "Open all in tabs".
    Not that I don't like complicated solutions to simple problems…

  9. Itsme_vinoth says:

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  10. Pau says:

    Actually, there is even better and free : I have been using this for years and it works great : http://www.openshares.info

  11. Rick says:

    How about just creating a folder on the bookmark tool bar and put all the web sites in it, Then just iopoen the drop down menu and select open all in tabs? W Veery easty to do and to change what sites you want to open.

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