How To Solve WordPress If Asking FTP Account When Installing Plugin

This may happen in small cases. WordPress asking your FTP password when you want to install plugin from your WordPress admin. I still don’t know what cause it, but in most cases is because server configuration which may different in every share hosting.

So just in case you have this issue you can add your FTP account in your wp-config.php.

Here how to do it:

  1. Download your wp-config.php, open it in your favorite text editor.
  2. Insert these lines somewhere in your wp-config.php, but i prefer put it under database code:
    /*** FTP login settings ***/
    define("FTP_HOST", "localhost");
    define("FTP_USER", "ftp-user");
    define("FTP_PASS", "ftp-password");

    Note: don’t forget to change “ftp-user” and “ftp-password” to your ftp account credential

  3. Save and upload your wp-config.php file again.
  4. Test it, and it should be fine now.


  1. Golnaz Seyrafi says:

    I have installed word press on my laptop for a test. What should I give for ftp username and pass?

  2. I have a VPS and this happens to me. I tried changing the ownership of the files but that was a bad idea.

    What security settings in Apache can I remove/relax so I don't get this problem anymore?

  3. Nate says:

    Nice fix. Thanks.

  4. tecknopuppy says:

    thanks for the fix, it helped me solve exactly my issue, thank you thank you

  5. blogoptimized says:

    thabks sharing sob,,,:)

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