Ubuntu Download Free Themes and Wallpaper

Ubuntu is one of the fast growing Linux distribution. Ubuntu use Gnome as default desktop software. With Gnome you can make your Ubuntu desktop prettier and improve your usability.  Like when you add some application like Beryl or Compiz, can add some animation to your desktop. And some users could make Ubuntu looks like Windows or Mac OSX desktop with Gnome customization.

You can find the most complete Gnome themes dan wallpapers on Beside themes and wallpapers you also can find screensaver, screensaver script that change based on time, Nautilus script, Fonts, Cliparts and many others.

There are lot great of themes and wallpapers that you can find at To see it how Gnome customization see the Ubuntu ‘Mac OSX’ looks like, at the video below:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]uNPHUE_9B4M[/youtube]

Wanna make your Ubuntu desktop looks different?

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