Freenas 9.2.1 Bugs: CIFS cannot have file modified permission by default

I’m using Freenas for more than 2 years for our internal centralized file storage in our company. It is free and open source and have a lot of features. One features that i like the most is ability to limit access to certain data set per user or group. And they are using CIFS with Samba, and since i upgrade to Freenas 9.2.1, which use Samba 4.1.3 and and cause a problem with file modified permission by default.

I got a lot of reports from my team mates as soon as i upgrade to Freenas 9.2.1, they can open a document file but every time they save it, it always ask to save as a new file, because the file that they are open is readonly. It cause a temporary panic time, because by system they are all working using that file storage.

After i digging up for a couple minutes, i found a bug report in freenas trac. And the bugs now is currently on investigation and reportly will be fixed on the next release To solve this temporary and save me from the panic time, there is a workaround for that. I need to manually give modified permission from the terminal.

Here is the workaround that i got from Alex Philippov:

  1. Check “Inherit Owner” and uncheck “Inherit Permissions” in Windows Share configuration
  2. Set ACLs permissions via setfacl.
    To update permissions recursively for folders, I used this command:

    find /mnt/path_to_share/ -type d -exec setfacl -m owner@:full_set:fd:allow,group@:modify_set:fd:allow {} \;

    and for files:

    find /mnt/path_to_share/ -type f -exec setfacl -m owner@:full_set::allow,group@:modify_set::allow {} \;


The bugs now has been fixed in Freenas you can download it here

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