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It’s not a secret anymore that WordPress search results is not very good. Sometimes it is not relevance. It is because WordPress search use “OR” sql query for search keyword. And i manage to make my own plugin to replace WordPress core search function.

This is my very first plugin that i upload to WordPress plugin repository. I name it: Fast WordPress Search, it available on WordPress plugin repository. Fast WordPress Search is a replacement for WordPress core search feature, it is faster and more relevant search result. You can use it for free. And if you like it please consider a donation to show your appreciation.

Fast WordPress Search Full list of features:
* Auto Replace WordPress core search feature.
* Low resource consuming when doing search in large database.
* Have Benchmark tools to test the search time.

Download Fast WordPress Search from WordPress plugin Repository


  1. HeruMurianto says:


    this plugin give me all result with this permanlink post/

    why ?

  2. @HeruMurianto I’m afraid this plugin has nothing to do with permalink.

  3. Mustamar Natsir says:

    I like this plugin. Really fast. But it gives no relevance search result anymore.
    Now I use better-search.
    Previously I use relevanssi. Relevanssi plugin gives great result and relevant enough, but it is a CPU eater. 😀

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