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Here come a question from my Facebook fans regarding Facebook thumbnail image:
[quote]How can i share my blog post with the right thumbnail on Facebook? Sometimes it show the wrong thumbnail and worst doesn’t show any thumbnail.[/quote]

Facebook Thumbnail Image Explanation

First we need to find out what cause the issue. Facebook script trying to parse your web page and looking for the right image for the thumbnail. But most of the time it is fail to give the right image and worst no image return at all. Since there are millions of themes, layout and different html code from 1 website to another so Facebook recommend the other way to fix this issue. The answer is using the open graph meta tag.

Facebook Thumbnail Image Solution

I develop a simple plugin for WordPress to automatically add the Facebook open graph meta tag. You can read my previous post “Facebook Open Graph Meta For WordPress” for more details. But for other CMS such as Joomla, blogspot, or others you can implement it in your themes. All you need is define this meta tag before the close header tag:

og:title //For the post title
og:type //For the post type,ex:movie,music,blog
og:url //Post Url
og:image //Post Thumbnail
og:site_name //Website Name
fb:admins //Your User ID
og:description //Post description

With that meta tags defined Facebook will get the right information from your post and share it to people in your network. I hope this article answer the question. Thanks.

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