Facebook FBML Live Testing Tool

Recently i tried to developing an application for Facebook as my client demand. Facebook use XFBML (eXtensible FaceBook Markup Language) as their mark up language to use Facebook UI and API. And it took me a while to testing and do it right since i have to try and error it for every changes i made. And i just found (i know it’s been a while there) Facebook FBML live testing tools provide by Facebook developer.

This application called Rell, it is FBML and javascript test console, saving so much of my time. I just need to use the example code and modify it to my own need, then test it out. If it is good then i will implement it in my code. Then finally test it live from the Facebook iframe.

You can find the Facebook FBML Live testing tool in:
Facebook JavaScript Test Console

The both link are the same, you can use whichever you want. I prefer use the FBrell one, since it is full screen and less distraction, so i can concentrate just to my code and the result.

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