Everybody Loves Progress

Everybody loves progress. I hear that words from my business partners couple days ago. And make me realize something about challenge. Challenge will always come and try they very best to break us down, especially in business. Making progress is like a light of hope to go through any challenges we are facing. One of the key to create a great partnership and build your own dream team, is progress.

Even We all loves progress, but We may not like change. Change is the beginning of a progress. Probably most of us feel change will slow us down, more complicated and more works. Change become burden if it is not finish, but when it’s done, you are making a progress. Progress is like steps to your success.

Today I write this notes to myself, don’t forget why you make the changes. Always remember why you take that decision to change. Finish the changes and know where to stop, and learn to make the progress. Forget the pain, focus on your goal and make a progress. People surround you, the team, partner and family will love to see you are progressing. Don’t stop until it is finish.

Watch this videos again and you will understand it:


Make a progress!


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