Easy Noindex and Nofollow WordPress Plugin

As Google update it’s algorithm so called Panda algorithm, you should aware with your low quality post in your website. So i made a simple plugin to easily add noindex and nofollow meta in your post. You can choose which post you don’t want Google to index it.

How to use Easy Noindex and Nofollow plugin:
1. Download and upload it to your WordPress plugin
2. Activate it.
3. Now the options will appear in post meta. (in New/Edit Post, just below the text editor box)

As you can see you have two options. Noindex and nofollow, if you choose noindex your post won’t be indexed by Google. And nofollow options if you don’t want any link in the post be followed by Google.

Download Easy Noindex and Nofollow WordPress Plugin

PS: It will available in WordPress plugin repository in a couple days. I have submitted it, waiting for response.

Update: Now Easy Noindex and Nofollow is available in WordPress plugin repository.


  1. wow! nice plugin.. thanks…

  2. Guest says:

    Easy Noindex Nofollow works with WordPress 3.1 only for posts. Adds to metatags around line 8 in the code as seen by View … Source with Firefox. Doesn't work for any of the pages I created. I can see the options when I edit posts and pages, but the metatags are not inserted into the code for wordpress "pages."

    • I patched to fix it. Please update it to the latest version. Thanks for notify me.

      • Charlest says:

        Hello Ivan,

        What/Where is the latest version? I'm looking to add noindex/nofollow to a link page. I've downloaded the one from the wordpress repository (1.1) and it's not adding anything to my page. I'm running wp version 3.1.1

        • laimonas_photo says:

          Im having same problems – running 1.2 version on newest 3.3.1 wordpress site.
          I enable NoFollow on pages but it does nothing! I use firefox extension to check for it but still appears as blue. If I change it manually by adding rel="nofollow" to each individual link – then it turns pink (nofollow)
          Why is this plugin not working? :/

  3. Lothar says:

    Nice plugin! Very helpful to hide the "About Me" page with my personal data 😀

  4. Ell says:

    Glad I finally found this plugin – I've been looking for quite some time for something like this… I still can't believe that they haven't built this function in to WP. Why do we need a plugin for this??


  5. The plugin are really good and helpful, thanks for sharing.

  6. tim413 says:

    Thanks Ivan for this plug in!!!!!!!

    My question is will this plug in conflict with All in One SEO pack?

    Look forward to hearing your response!!!!


  7. @tim413 I’m using AIOSP too, and it’s working fine.

  8. Great plugin my friend. Just installed on my blog.

  9. @AnitaDismore Thanks Anita

  10. vhin3125 says:

    Great plugin! Just installed it on one of my blogs.

  11. s1lv says:

    Hey! I am using your plugin because we had to clone 90 blogs and the content was the same so we wanted to temporarily not have Google index it. Now I need to deactivate 15 news each on 22 blogs. So a lot of work and it would take a while. Is there an easier way to deactivate noindex and nofollow on all the articles?

  12. eyes4tech says:

    Hi Ivan, can you send me at least on my email how can i remove all the information this plugin placed on my database? It looks like after deactivating the plugin and uninstalled it all of my external links now have an automatic rel="nofollow" attribute.

  13. pcullum says:

    I would like the ability to mark every existing external link in all my historic posts  as no-follow, in one quick step.  I don't see how to do that.  Is it possible?

  14. Hi, friends will you please upload a plugin that will help me to noindex no follow all the external links that are on my wordpress website in page or post or even in comments. Thanks.

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