DB Cache Reloaded Fix v2.2.4 Released

I’m happily to announce DB Cache Reloaded Fix v2.2.4. For you who don’t know DB Cache Reloaded Fix, it’s a WordPress plugin to cache the queries made to the database whereas improve your WordPress blog performance. It’s not originally mine, but it is a fork from the old DB Cache Reloaded which not compatible since WordPress 3.1. And thanks for all of you, your input and feedback is really helpful.

What’s New in DB Cache Reloaded Fix v2.2.4

There are some fixes that will definitely improve the WordPress performance:

  • Move the cache folder from wp-content/tmp to the plugin directory db-cache-reloaded-fix/cache
  • Now it will cache the complex queries, including posts, post meta and join queries
  • Cache cleaning is now move to WordPress scheduler, rather than check and clean it for every query made
  • Add French translation

DB Cache Reloaded Fix Installation

It is easy to install, you just go to plugins from your admin dashboard and search for DB Cache Reloaded Fix, or you can see the instruction here.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix Configuration

DB Cache Reloaded Fix is easy to configure. All you need to do is enable it, fill the “Expire a cached query after” box (for my blog i put 1440 minutes means it will cache for 24 hours), then save it.
Note: For faster performance you can make “Cache filter” blank, it means it will cache all the queries.

So what keeping me busy with this plugin?
There are still some ideas that i need to put into the plugins. I’m still in development and testing for multi databases cache and distributed caching. Hopefully it will done somewhere before the new year.

So if you like this plugin please support me through WordPress page and refer it to your friends. Thanks.

WordPress plugin page:
DB Cache Reloaded Fix


  1. dysfunctionalparrot says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! The plug-in works great!

  2. fergusonsarah says:

    Writ­ers with more fol­low­ers are judged to be more wor­thy of attention. Thanks for the great blog!

  3. NanoG6 says:

    plugin ini berpengaruh ke time to first byte ga ya?

    trus seandainya saya set expire time nya semisal di atas 3 hari, kemudian kita melakukan perubahan terhadap homepage (ada post baru) atau editing post lama sebelum cache expire, apakah perubahan / post baru akan tampil?


    • @NanoG6 Plugin ini akan menyimpan/cache query yang dilakukan wordpress ke database. jika kamu set expired time 3 hari maka cache akan disimpan selama 3 hari. and yes, jika kamu editing post maka post yang lama akan tetap dimunculkan sampai cache di clear.

  4. parnanet says:

    Plugin works great… but when we want to uninstall it it messes the wordpress.

    No I NEED TO LEAVE at list the db-module.php file into the db cache folder if I want my site to work…

    no fair. We should be supported to be free to exclude plugin and take away all references of it from our system.

  5. whymustihaveausername says:

    Thanks for the fix for this plugin – it seems like it's working pretty well on WP 3.3.1, but I am getting stat failed errors on the filemtime() call on line 101 on db-functions.php, thusly:

    "filemtime(): stat failed for wp-content/plugins/db-cache-reloaded-fix/cache/options/5b293a578642a805f6ce85060d3326d3 in db-cache-reloaded-fix/db-functions.php at line 101"

    File exists, and if I su as my apache user and run filemtime() against that path in PHP interactive there are no errors. Is this something you've seen before?


  6. Hi Ivan,
    I loved your cache,DB Cache Reload Fix, on WordPress 3.3.1.  see how fast my pages download to browser http://bachutha.com. It would be helpful to have the version number displayed your options page. I'm testing it and see if my CPU usage drops.
    – Peter Achutha

  7. NanoG6 says:

    Ivan, does the plugin cache queries by robots(google) as well?

    •  @NanoG6 Yes it does. but you can filter it by table name if you don't want dbcr to cache the queries.

      • NanoG6 says:

         @ivankrisdotcom Great.. And can you please tell me an example of best configuration for a blog which only updated once in 2 weeks or a month? What is the best value for expire time and filter?
        Many thanks!

        •  @NanoG6 My configuration for cache expiration time is a day, that is 1440 minutes. and i leave cache filter empty so dbcr will cache all the queries, except a complex queries. it is working so far with this blog and my cpu load is really low even my traffic is > 3000 views a day, at least my share hosting account can handle it.

      • NanoG6 says:

         @ivankrisdotcom OK thank you Ivan

  8. artilibere says:

    Ivan, i wish to enable the plugin on a network of over 10k sites.
    While waiting for new release.. is there an hack (maybe db hack of single's site options table) to get that behaviour?

  9. 7jibril says:

    Dear Mas Ivan
    Mohon info, jika menggunakan plugini Cache Reloaded DB v2.2.4 apa masih perlu menggunakan WP Super Cache? atau tidak perlu lagi?

  10. Giorgos says:

    Is there any posibility/workaround not to use db.php as it conflicts with my multi-db setup. The both use db.php 🙁

  11. Johnny Lai Kristiansen says:

    Hi Ivan,
    If you want to have 'DB Cache Reloaded' translated to Danish, please contact me @ [email protected]

  12. sawontheboss4 says:

    Isit compatible with Nginx? or i need any conf include?

  13. Hoyt says:

    PHP7 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ (T_NEW) in xxx/plugins/db-cache-reloaded-fix/db-cache-reloaded.php on line 91

  14. Enrico Deleo says:

    Is this plugin still working with WP 4.7+? Does this give advantages over persistent object caching (eg with memcache as backend)?

  15. Halo gan Ivan,
    Makasih atas plugin yang telah dishare dan dikembangkan. Ane coba install di domain ane, tetapi mendapati masalah seperti berikut saat coba diaktifkan.

    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ (T_NEW) in /home/tomascho/public_html/namadomain.com/wp-content/plugins/db-cache-reloaded-fix/db-cache-reloaded.php on line 91”

    Saya menggunakan wordpress 4.8

    Makasih atas responsnya

  16. mRNA says:

    GJ ivan !

    i wanna to disable Cache cleaning and keep db cached file for ever on disk.

    do you have any idea ?

  17. foll90 says:

    Hello Ivan. Do you plan update this plugin for php 7? Thanks

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