Create A Shortcut To Terminal In Ubuntu

I love shortcut keys! Maybe you do too. I often use terminal in Ubuntu to do my work. And and often use vim for code a script. I’m using Nautilus terminal in Ubuntu. And to easily access the terminal i put it on the quick launch bar. But that’s not enough. And then i found that you can make custom shortcut key to open your terminal in Ubuntu.

The default shortcut key to open a terminal in Ubuntu is Ctrl + Alt + T. But in keyboard layout it’s hard to press all the key with one hand. I prefer to press Ctrl + Shift + 1. Because it’s easy to press with one hand. To change the shortcut key in Ubuntu you can go to Menu -> System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

And then scroll down until you find “Run a Terminal” and change to Ctrl + Shift  + 1 or any combination you like.

Do you like shortcut keys too? Tell me your opinion below.


  1. Smckinnley says:

    i set the terminal to that stupid menu button than nobody ever uses. you know, the one between ctr and alt on the right side of the spacebar. it's one of the easiest keys to reach and yet it's used for bringing up the stupid context menu? really? what a waste of a key when left click does the exact same thing.

    • SomeGuy says:

      Some people don't use a mouse; the keyboard is really all you ever need for any computer, and they are built as such.

  2. ankit says:


  3. Sdrrg15 says:

    And then scroll down until you find “Run a Terminal” and change to Ctrl + Shift + 1 or any combination you like.

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