Acer Aspire Blank Screen Argghh….

Yesterday i got a broken laptop from my customer to service. This time it wasn’t broken because of virus or power failure or any hardware problem. But this time when you turn it on it only show Black Screen of Death. The laptop type is Acer Aspire 4730Z. After i google it a while i found that many people experience the same issues.

I don’t want to comment that Acer brand is a good laptop or not. You decide it by yourself. I just want to help you to fix it, but you need a little luck and pray :p

Here how to fix Acer Aspire Blank Screen:
1. Download the latest bios update from Acer website.
2. Extract it, make sure that it have DOS folder inside.
3. Get your USB Flashdisk and make it bootable.
4. Copy BIOS update from DOS folder to flash disk
5. Plugin your USB to the laptop
5. Plugin your power source (Laptop in OFF mode)
6. Press Fn+Esc then hold Power Button then release power button
7. After 5-7 second it the Power button will blinking red
8. Release Fn+Esc
9. After that don’t touch anything, it will take approx 20 minutes.
10. If you success it will restart automatically
11. And your laptop will come back.

If you are not successful repeat these steps 2-3 times. If you still have no luck, send your lapto Acer service center.

Good luck. Cheers…


  1. Jaaystuart says:

    i downloaded the updated bios from acer website. When perform the extraction and open the folder there is no dos file, help.

    • Well, fixing ACER laptop can be challenging. If you have this kind of issue. i recommend you to bring it to Acer Service Center, they got all the tools for it. And you have less headache.

  2. XayophoneCh says:

    my laptop is acer aspire 4540,i want to bios but when i plugin my usb and hold fn+esc after that me press power button but power button is not blinking Why me should change name of bios or not help me please.Thanks

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