WordPress Countdown Plugin

WordPress Countdown Plugin is a plugin that help you to add JQuery countdown timer on your WordPress post/page. It is as easy as add a shortcode to the WordPress post/page content.

Grab the code below to quickstart:

[wpc_countdown] #Will show next 7 days countdown</pre>
[wpc_countdown targetdate="2012-05-17"] #format target date "Year-Month-Day"
[wpc_countdown targetdate="2012-05-17-23-59-59"] #format target date "Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Second"
[wpc_countdown targetdate="2012-05-17" before="<div>" after="</div>"] #if you want to use wrapper.

WordPress Countdown Plugin Installation

To install this plugin is as easy as add plugin from your Admin Page:

  1. Browse to plugins > Add New
  2. Search with this “WPCountdown”
  3. And click install now

Then after it is installed and activated, you can use it freely in your WordPress post/page.

Hope this plugin can help you.

WordPress Countdown on WordPress Plugin Repository.


  1. jasonjordan says:

    Nice plug-in!Any chance you can add some functionality?
    I'd like it to do a countdown to a regularly repeating event. For example, I want it to count down to Thursday 7:30pm every week.  It's a half hour event. Then it resets and begins the count down again.Cheers, Jason 

    •  @jasonjordan This plugin is developed as simple as possible by using shortcode in the post/page. i believe your feature is a special case. So i think i cannot add it to this plugin. To facilitate your need, i can make another plugin which have advance option behind it.

  2. dealslifestyle says:

    Hi Ivan
    I'm interested in adding a timer to my site but I need to use the date in the following format, 2012-07-28 00:00:00 and grab that from a custom field.
    Are you able to advise how to use your plugin with php rather than shortcodes?

  3. jjacobo says:

    Is it possible to have more than one countdown on a page? If so how?
    It seems to me that you'd need to change this code:
        $output = <<<end             <div id="CountdownWrapper"></div>             <script type="text/javascript">                 var endDay = new Date();                 endDay = new Date($year, $month – 1, $day, $hour, $minutes, $seconds);                  jQuery(document).ready(function() {                    jQuery('#CountdownWrapper').countdown({until: endDay});                                     });             </script> end;
    Since there is only one "ContdownWrapper" element in the current implementation. Any advice?

  4. Thanks for sharing this useful plugins. I should use it in my website.

  5. kathryn71459 says:

    Welllll, I can't seem to find the plug-ins from my Admin page. Is this something that is available for the FREE WordPress users? I would really like to put a countdown on a new page I'm adding but can't do it until I find the plug-ins. Also, IF I can use this, can the date be entered as 06-20-2015 or does the year HAVE to be first? I hate it when the year is first – that is just weird to me. Will use it the other way, IF I can, if that's the only option but thought I would ask anyway.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Is it possible to know how i can show the counter also on the category page for every post?
    What should be the php function?

  7. mikegandy37 says:

    It doesn’t seem to let me center it on the page, and it certainly doesn’t look like the one you show above. Can you help?

  8. Ronniealbert says:

    I am also trying to center on page, just can’t get it to work, can you please help. Thanks

  9. Sean M says:

    Would like to include in the header. I can’t use shortcode. How would I insert the code in normal form and not shortcode?

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