WordPress Countdown Plugin

WordPress Countdown Plugin is a plugin that help you to add JQuery countdown timer on your WordPress post/page. It is as easy as add a shortcode to the WordPress post/page content.

Grab the code below to quickstart:

[wpc_countdown] #Will show next 7 days countdown</pre>
[wpc_countdown targetdate="2012-05-17"] #format target date "Year-Month-Day"
[wpc_countdown targetdate="2012-05-17-23-59-59"] #format target date "Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Second"
[wpc_countdown targetdate="2012-05-17" before="<div>" after="</div>"] #if you want to use wrapper.

WordPress Countdown Plugin Installation

To install this plugin is as easy as add plugin from your Admin Page:

  1. Browse to plugins > Add New
  2. Search with this “WPCountdown”
  3. And click install now

Then after it is installed and activated, you can use it freely in your WordPress post/page.

Hope this plugin can help you.

WordPress Countdown on WordPress Plugin Repository.


  1. Nice plug-in!Any chance you can add some functionality?
    I'd like it to do a countdown to a regularly repeating event. For example, I want it to count down to Thursday 7:30pm every week.  It's a half hour event. Then it resets and begins the count down again.Cheers, Jason 

    •  @jasonjordan This plugin is developed as simple as possible by using shortcode in the post/page. i believe your feature is a special case. So i think i cannot add it to this plugin. To facilitate your need, i can make another plugin which have advance option behind it.

  2. dealslifestyle says:

    Hi Ivan
    I'm interested in adding a timer to my site but I need to use the date in the following format, 2012-07-28 00:00:00 and grab that from a custom field.
    Are you able to advise how to use your plugin with php rather than shortcodes?

  3. jjacobo says:

    Is it possible to have more than one countdown on a page? If so how?
    It seems to me that you'd need to change this code:
        $output = <<<end             <div id="CountdownWrapper"></div>             <script type="text/javascript">                 var endDay = new Date();                 endDay = new Date($year, $month – 1, $day, $hour, $minutes, $seconds);                  jQuery(document).ready(function() {                    jQuery('#CountdownWrapper').countdown({until: endDay});                                     });             </script> end;
    Since there is only one "ContdownWrapper" element in the current implementation. Any advice?

  4. Thanks for sharing this useful plugins. I should use it in my website.

  5. kathryn71459 says:

    Welllll, I can't seem to find the plug-ins from my Admin page. Is this something that is available for the FREE WordPress users? I would really like to put a countdown on a new page I'm adding but can't do it until I find the plug-ins. Also, IF I can use this, can the date be entered as 06-20-2015 or does the year HAVE to be first? I hate it when the year is first – that is just weird to me. Will use it the other way, IF I can, if that's the only option but thought I would ask anyway.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Is it possible to know how i can show the counter also on the category page for every post?
    What should be the php function?

  7. It doesn’t seem to let me center it on the page, and it certainly doesn’t look like the one you show above. Can you help?

  8. I am also trying to center on page, just can’t get it to work, can you please help. Thanks

  9. Sean M says:

    Would like to include in the header. I can’t use shortcode. How would I insert the code in normal form and not shortcode?

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