What’s New in Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope?

I am one of the Ubuntu big fans. I used to used Windows XP in most of the time. But after i tried Ubuntu, i knew i won’t change to other OS again. It is easy to use, many community support, and nearly don’t have any hard time using it.

And now Ubuntu 9.04 with code name Jaunty is almost release. 13 days more when i write this article. So what’s new in Ubuntu 9.04? What make it’s worthy to wait for?

New feature in Ubuntu 9.04

  1. Using the New GNOME Desktop 2.26 (the latest) including:
    • brasero, developed by Philippe Rouquier and Luis Medinas, as an all-in-one CD burning application
    • Improved handling of multiple monitors with an updated gnome-display-properties by Federico Mena Quintero.
  2. Using the newest X.Org Server 1.6, A number of video cards have been transitioned to free drivers as part of this update.
  3. New style for notifications and notification preferences
  4. Increase Boot performance
  5. Ubuntu 9.04 includes the 2.6.28-11.37 kernel based on
  6. Ext4 filesystem support
  7. Cloud computing
  8. Turn-key mail servers
  9. And many more are coming….

So what are you waiting for? Download Ubuntu now and start using it, and you will find out what is the best Operating System in the world.

(Source: Ubuntu Official Website)