This page is a collection of my work and most recent WordPress work, web project and application, web design, and writing. I love programming and other computer geek stuff, and i do many different things and like to take on projects that challenge my experience and perceived ability. My main concentration is on WordPress plugin and other web development (using PHP, ASP.Net and Python). Constantly. If you like what you see and want me to take on your project, give me a shout!

Project List:
1. Fast WordPress Search: a WordPress Plugin to replace WordPress core search feature with faster and more relevance search result with low resource consuming.
2. DB Cache Reloaded Fix For WordPress 3.1: Patch DB Cache Reloaded for WordPress 3.1 compatibility.
3. Easy Noindex and Nofollow: Choose which post you want to add noindex and nofollow tags

Visit my resume for my recent portfolio:
Ivan Kristianto Online Resume