2 Years at 10up, What Did I Learn?

Today is exactly my 2 years anniversary at 10up! Time flies, I still remember the time when I did apply for the job, the interview and how happy I was when I got the offer. And I did make the right decision.

So What did I learn from the past 2 years working at 10up?

Working Remotely Require Commitment and Self Motivation

Working remotely means nobody will see how I work and when I work. All the communications are through the internet. I still perform and deliver results like I were in the same room / office. This require commitment to push myself and deliver the result align with the company expectation.

My time zone has 12 hours difference with most of my team. And I consider my time zone is my superpower, since I can work during the day when the rest of my team are still sleeping.

But this is like a double edged swords. Working remotely means I work alone. There are couple times I was stuck and don’t know what todo, or all my tasks was blocked by other colleagues or clients. I cannot just tap on somebody’s shoulder and ask for confirmation or looking for guidance.

And to perform I need to have good self motivation and keep my morale high, know when to stop working, and know when I need to prioritize and deliver quickly.

Flexible Working Hour Doesn’t Mean Flexible

I have flexible working hours in 10up. And I managed my own time. But that doesn’t mean I work whenever and wherever I want to work. I still expected to work average 8 hours/day. I need to block my time and do my work I and deliver the result.

Sometimes I need to work on the weekend, if I have some appointments or events during the weekdays, and didn’t meet my hours. I do this because of my commitment and responsibility to the company.

Over Communication Is The Main Recipe

One of my director, Mike Bal mentioned this in one of his interview with 10,000ft. Over-communicate everything, is my main recipe when working at 10up. Me and my team was separated by geographic, it’s literally the other part of the earth. So communication hold a very important part in our day to day life.

When I need more time to work on a task, I let the PM know, when I have conflict in priorities, I consult with the team lead or PM, when I confuse with the engineering decisions I consult with the project lead or my director. And most importantly, when I feel burnt out, I let the team lead know and be open for any suggestions.

What I always remember and always do, I tried my best to not to be a blockers for my team and the clients. I always passed the information accurately and quick, explain any issue as clear as possible, create documentation as accurate and easy to understand, and assigned a task with necessary information.

There Always a Room for Improvement

Web development industries is growing very fast. I found my code 2 years ago, was outdated. Still works, but I can see it could be improved. And the client’s business also changing overtime.

As I grow each day, I can see room for improvement for anything. Either for workflow, client’s project, company policy, my work, my skill, etc. And what I love the most is 10up has open-door policy, means You can feedback anything to the leadership team how to improve the company overall.

One of the perks working at 10up is professional development stipend, it is also good way to improve my self. I did use this stipend to work on interesting open source project, attend conferences, and doing online tutorial to learn modern javascript development.

Company Is Bigger Than Me

10up has visions and values. It’s bigger than me and anyone in the company. 10up is one of the company with high reputation in the WordPress community and also a WordPress.com VIP partners.

Being a 10uppers, I feel proud and obligated to keep the standard high. Align with one of the company value, openness, by it’s core, 10up support me to do open source and community work.


Being part of team10up is one of the best thing ever happen in my life. I’m grateful to spend 2 years with 10up and looking forward for more awesome experiences in the future.

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